The anatomy of a WordPress theme

Check out anatomy of a WordPress theme infographic: For reference, here is the copy in the infographic: Anatomy of a WordPress theme The cheatsheet for how your blog works WordPress themes are made up of a folder of template files, each of which controls a specific piece of your theme. Parts of your site that remain […]


How To Set Up a WordPress Ecommerce Website

This guide covers exactly how to set up a WordPress ecommerce website with the WooCommerce plugin. The WordPress platform originally began as a way to blog online. Over the years, it has evolved into a full blown “content management system” – in other words, a backend software that can “power” any type of website – […]


How I Built The One Page Scroll Plugin

Scrolling effects have been around in web design for years now, and while many plugins are available to choose from, only a few have the simplicity and light weight that most developers and designers are looking for. Most plugins I’ve seen try to do too many things, which makes it difficult for designers and developers […]


Move, Rename WordPress wp-content and Plugins Directory

WordPress has a feature which gives you the ability to relocate and rename the “wp-content” directory that holds the themes, plugins and uploaded files used by your blog. Moving this directory is good from a security perspective too. Here I will show how you can move the wp-content and plugins directory to a custom location on your web server. Move […]


Do-It-Yourself Caching Methods With WordPress

There are different ways to make your website faster: specialized plugins to cache entire rendered HTML pages, plugins to cache all SQL queries and data objects, plugins to minimize JavaScript and CSS files and even some server-side solutions. But even if you use such plugins, using internal caching methods for objects and database results is […]


Best Slider Plugins for WordPress in 2012

Slider (Slideshow/Content Slider) plugins for WordPress are always in demand, and there are also quite a few to choose from. We’ve already done a review of content slider plugins last year, and here we are again to update the list with what we believe are the very best WordPress slideshow plugins in 2012. This time, […]